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Electric locomotives


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GotWay (Begode) Monster Pro 3600 Wh 100V - a bright novelty for long-distance travel

GotWay's (Begode)  Monster series monowheels have always "put the heat" on the top competitors' unicycle. This year the most powerful model of the series was presented - GotWay (Begode) Monster Pro 3600 Wh 100V. There is little information about the new product, but there is definitely something to see.

GotWay (Begode) RS (HS / HT) 1800 Wh: what will surprise the updated version of MSuper Pro?

GotWay (Begode) RS (HS / HT) 1800 Wh: what will surprise the updated version of MSuper Pro?

GotWay (Begode) has presented a sequel to its most popular MSuper Pro model. MSP's technical performance, flotation, reliability and appearance are still among the best. Has the brand managed not to lose face with the release of the updated version?

GotWay (Begode) Msuper Pro 1800 Wh - fast and brutal "SUV" with an electric motor

GotWay (Begode) Msuper Pro 1800 Wh (100V) is a true titanium among unicycle electric vehicles. The model has a wide 19-inch tire, a reliable motor with excellent dynamics and a good range. Amazing cross-country ability and a top speed of 60 km/h, which is rare among monowheels, will provide an endless flow of adrenaline during aggressive driving. It is safe to say that the GotWay (Begode) Msuper Pro is one of the best candidates for active riding on any surface.

Monowheel Veteran Sherman 3200 Wh: a sense of freedom, speed and drive

The market of modern electric vehicles is very competitive, so it is more and more difficult to surprise experienced riders with a fresh novelty. But the Veteran Sherman 3200 Wh is something special. The device is able to surprise with a maximum speed of over 70 km/h, a power reserve of up to 200 km and will travel on any surface, thanks to a 20-inch wheel.

KingSong 16X 1554 Wh - a sports unicycle with cool functionality

The monowheel KingSong 16X 1554 Wh can rightfully be called one of the best analogs in its class. The model stands out for its powerful electric motor, excellent top speed of 50 km / h and a good range of functions. An excellent range of more than 100 km allows this electric vehicle to feel confident in the metropolis and allows you to travel out of town without fear.

KingSong S18 Electric Unicycle: the future is here

Electric transport is rapidly gaining momentum, catching up with bicycles and scooters. One of the most popular types of vehicles are monowheels. Their lineup is regularly updated with new products that do not cease to amaze even experienced riders.

Electric Unicycle InMotion V11 (Black): comfortable suburban travel

InMotion V11 is the first of its kind monowheel with amazing cross-country ability and huge power reserve. It stands out with its innovative air suspension, impeccable driving performance and a cool carbon-stylized body.

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Ninebot ONE Z10 test electric unicycle.

This time, we will start with a little excursion into the history. Ninebot One Z10 was unexpectedly presented after several years of silence from Ninebot on the electric wheel market. Over the years, the company receives financial support from Xiaomi, buys out Segway assets and launches the popular Ninebot ES2 electric scooter, and it seems it has abandoned the segment of gyroscooters and electric unicycles. The situation is changing in August 2017 with the announcement in China of a new line of wheels with amazing performance and design: Ninebot One Z6, Z8 and Z10.

Electric Unicycle Dangerous!


Everyone one who began to read this article must have seen or heard about such a vehicle as electric unicycle. Looking at a person moving on this, at first glance, "circus" projectile, there is a single association in the heads of otheres- the clown!

What are the diameters of Electric Unicycle?

Electric Unicycle - the most versatile, convenient and versatile personal electric vehicles . But the maximum freedom of movement in the city can be obtained only if you choose the electric unicycle correctly, not only by its characteristics, but also by its diameter. It is precisely the diameter that makes the mono-wheelcontrol, the flowability and the technical parameters depend .

Why do MOT for Electric Unicycle?

Despite the high manufacturability of electric unicycle , their continuous operation can not do without breakdowns and faults. Worn battery, mechanical damage, electronic failures are the most common cause of contacting a service center.

My Ninebot One Z10 does not charge: what to do?

My Ninebot One Z10 does not charge: what to do?

Users who ordered their Ninebot One Z6 or Z10 or have not used the electric unicycle for a long time often run into problems. It happens that the new electric  unicycle does not turn on, and the charger indicator will remain green after charging and turning on. If you are faced with a similar situation, do not panic. The problem may not be very serious.

Рening of the first monolith show-room in Ukraine!

Открытие первого в Украине шоу-рума моноколес!

The store has moved to st. Riverside 21a. Sign up before arrival!

OneWheel provides a unique opportunity for Ukrainians to learn how to use modern electric transport in their everyday lives. For all fans of the monolith and not only developed and opened the first showroom in Ukraine, where you can personally get acquainted with the latest innovations in the world of monocoles. Learn to ride a mono wheel under the guidance of experienced professional instructors. Evaluate all the benefits of upgraded models and join numerous fans of electric vehicles right now!

Why should you buy electric unicycle in the "One Wheel" (Van Wheel)?


If you adore the latest technology, no longer think about your daily life without a personal city electric transport or just want to join the riders, then the "One Wheel" team is exactly what you need. "One Wheel" is an online store specializing exclusively in the sale of electric unicycles and accessories to them, and the first  service center in Ukraine .

The novelty of Solowheel IOTA

solowheel iota
IOTA consists of two paired wheels with a diameter of 8.5 inches. Pedals have a rounded shape, the unicycle itself works with gyroscopic stabilization. Its compact dimensions and stability make it a vehicle for small city trips.

The new IPS I5 is the lightest unicycle on the market.

The new IPS I5 is the lightest unicycle on the market.
While other manufacturers increase the weight and size of their devices, IPS engineers demonstrate their skills. This time they presented a full-size electric unicycle ... even easier than their previous products.

GotWay MCM 5. The novelty of 2018.


Gotway Company presented its new 14-inch electric unicycle on February 2 in China. The GotWay MCM 5 is quite well equipped  with a 1500W engine . If these characteristics are final, then it will claim the title of the most powerful unicycle of the market, with 14 diameters.

Instructions how to glue the lining for Inmotion V8


What do you need:


Electric unicycle GotWay Msuper X

gotway msuperx

Msuper X is the new leader of GotWay. The brand announced the upcoming release, the new Gotway MSuper X, a 19-inch unicycle with a 2000W engine with three battery packs: 650, 1300 and 1600 Wh. It is expected that shipments will begin around May.

How to learn to ride a electric unicycle?

obychenie na monocolese

As practice shows, almost any person is able to learn to steer confidently with electric unicycle within an hour. Some people can ride in several hours of riding with the support of a friend's shoulder, mastering a unicycle by the "long step" method or using auxiliary wheels. Others - after 2-3 attempts independently master the  electric transport and feel on it almost as confidently as on "their two".

Why electric unicycle is better than other types of transport?

Everyone who uses public or private vehicles in a metropolis, has probably thought about changing transport to something more compact and modern. Technological electric transport, among which the first lines of popularity are held by electric unicycle will save you from ubiquitous traffic jams and restrictions .

Inmotion V10 / V10F finally opened the curtain.

inmotion v10f


The long-awaited release of the new Inmotion V10 / V10F. The final characteristic.

KingSong KS 16S

Ks-16s Sports is the only 16-inch model KingSong.

Ninebot One Z

Ninebot is one of the market leaders, not only among segways, but also among electric unicycles . The company has just announced a line of One Z and will soon have to lift the veil of an electric single-wheel gyroscope.

Какое моноколесо купить первым?

Какое моноколесо купить первым?

Мы все знаем, что покупка нашего первого моноколеса занимает несколько часов, проведенных перед компьютером, - поиск информации на форумах, чтение статей или просмотр видео на YouTube. Однако мы все еще не уверены в достоверности информации. Много видео, много мнений. Очевидно, что у всех разные ожидания, потребности и впечатления. Тогда, каковы критерии при выборе первого электрического одноколесного велосипеда для себя? Давайте сначала ответим на некоторые вопросы. 

Latest news about the new V10 series.

боковые подушки inmotion v10

You can not sleep after the recent announcement of new INMOTION models too? To make you even more excited, we have some more puzzle pieces for you!

IMOTION V10 / V10F with brighter lamps than ever.

Освещение Inmotion V10

If you have not read our previous news, about upcoming INMOTION V10 and V10F (new electric unicycles mentioned by someone as VX and VXF), however, you can read the first part.

Safety first!
It's great to see INMOTION - as always - taking security of users very seriously.

Моноколеса GotWay. Качество сборки, эксплуатация.

Моноколеса GotWay.

Все больше и больше людей сообщают о своих проблемах с одноклеточками Gotway. После проведения глобальных кампаний по обслуживанию, связанных с моделями MSuper и ACM, компания решила создать новую, нацеленную на решение проблем, влияющих на компанию и восстановление их репутации, и все это вместо того, чтобы затронуть вышеупомянутые модели. Это относится к новому электрическому унциплегу под названием Gotway Tesla, который уже стал большой рекламой в сети.

Electric Unicycle Inmotion V10 / V10F

inmotion v10

This year, electric wheel manufacturers are doing everything possible to win the race for the best electric unicycle of the year. While the rest of the manufacturers put all the cards on the table, INMOTION surprised everyone by announcing the appearance of new models. We are talking about INMOTION V10 and V10F, which will be released on April 10!

lost mono-blogger ... Special signs:


If you want to leave your mark in the development of the future personal transport ( electric unicycle ) and cover all the news and rumors about the nearest novelties, then we invite you to our OneWheel team .....

Requirements: Personal electric unicycle , desire to tell the news first and inform about the innovations to the beginners, creativity.

The Internet gives the chance to be a part of the team, even you are in another city.

All questions by the phone number: 0638127808


KingSong 18 L Novelty of 2018

KingSong 18 L Новинка 2018 года

In 2018, KingSong Company launches a new product - electric unicycle KingSong KS 18L.
Externally, this model is similar to its predecessor, but there are differences. First, the KingSong KS 18L is an 18-inch electric unicycle , accordingly , its dimensions are slightly larger and are 59х49х18 cm.


Выход из строя аккумулятора в электротранспорте

Many today are planning to buy a NineBot, Inmotion, KingSong or GotWayelectric unicycle. These unique products allow you to easily and quickly enough to move around the city, but even they occasionally fail. They receive energy from the battery, and with its replacement or restoration may be associated with certain difficulties. The main problems of failure of the battery in electric vehicles.

Стоит ли покупать дешевое моноколесо?

Как только моноколеса появились в продаже, они тут же завоевали целую армию поклонников. Этот компактный личный электротранспорт полностью удовлетворяет всем требованиям, которые можно выдвинуть современному городскому средству передвижения.Он очень прост в использовании, невероятно экономичен, легок, надежен – наверное, каждый задумывался о возможности приобретения данного девайса.

Что представляет собой моноколесо?

Что представляет собой моноколесо?

Моноколесо - это автотранспортное средство с системой гиростабилизации колеса. За счет относительно малых габаритов, его можно транспортировать и хранить в любом месте. Корпус изготовлен из прочного пластика, внутри которого и расположено само колесо. Величина корпуса никоим образом не влияет на подъемную тягу, но чем меньше он скрывает колесо, тем круче подъемы и препятствия можно преодолеть. На панели сверху встроен разъем для зарядки, индикатор заряда батареи и кнопка вкл/выкл, а по бокам расположены подножки, которые, обычно, имеют свойство складываться для удобства при перемещении.

Выбор моноколеса

Крайне нелегко сделать правильный выбор при таком обилии и прогрессирующем развитии техники в наше время, то же касается и выбора моноколес. С каждым годом количество производителей и самих моделей растет, появляются новые возможности и приложения, что значительно повышает функциональность и спрос на продукт, но существуют несколько важных и обязательных свойств моноколес, на которые покупателю нужно первым делом обратить внимание.