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Electric locomotives


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Why do MOT for Electric Unicycle?

Despite the high manufacturability of electric unicycle , their continuous operation can not do without breakdowns and faults. Worn battery, mechanical damage, electronic failures are the most common cause of contacting a service center.

However, timely maintenance of the electric unicycle can significantly reduce the cost of repairs and extend the life of the device.

That electric unicycle are aimed at timely identification and elimination of any malfunctions. Contacting the service center at the stage of scheduled maintenance allows you to:

  1. Assess the state of the battery and its degree of wear. Repair or replace the battery control board if necessary.
  2. Identify minor mechanical damage that could subsequently cause serious damage.
  3. Resume broken waterproofing device.
  4. Conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the engine and possible future malfunctions.
  5. Clean the inside of the monocolice to avoid overheating.
  6. Remove moisture that has penetrated before it causes irreparable damage to the electronic modules.
  7. Calibrate the device to resume the correct horizon.
  8. Pour the anti-puncture fluid inside the tire to minimize the risk of puncture.

High-quality professional maintenance of the electric unicycle helps to avoid significant costs for the repair and replacement of the main components of the device. Good specialists will be able to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the device and eliminate any problem at the initial stages.