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Electric locomotives


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Accessories for electric unicycle 

Electric unicycles and other types of single wheel gyroscope are very popular in the modern market. These vehicles are perfect for urban conditions, with their help you can move around the city without using fuel, which pollutes the atmosphere during combustion.

The pilot always attracts the attention of casual passers-by thanks to the futuristic appearance of his gyroboard - in the absence of visible supports it looks like a person is simply floating through the air.

If you have already become a happy owner of the electric  unicycle or just planning to buy it, we recommend that you purchase the necessary accessories for it. They will facilitate the operation process, making it safer.

What are accessories for?

In themselves gyroboards are sufficiently reliable devices made of durable materials, and their design provides for a hard process of operation.

But it is still necessary to provide all possible options in advance, and to acquire protection to the electric unicycle


All existing accessories for the electric unicycle AirWheel or Ninebot can be divided according to their purpose:

• Protective. Special devices will protect the vehicle from damages that can be obtained while driving, or the owner himself from falls and bumps. They will be useful both for beginners and for more experienced owners;
• Transport. With their help, you can significantly simplify the process of moving a mono-wheel in public transport or on a car, without risking damage during transportation or contaminate your clothes;
• For comfort. Their use is necessary for a more comfortable ride. You can better navigate in space, avoiding the troubles that may arise along the way with them.
Some of the necessary accessories are universal, as they are suitable for all existing models of hoverboards, while others are designed exclusively for electric unicycles.
Many manufacturers, such as Kingsong, Inmotion or Gotway, make special protection for electric unicycle of their own production. Before making a choice, make sure that the chosen model is the best fit for your vehicle.


In the range of modern stores you can find many different devices, the need for which arises in the process of using :

• Bags or backpacks. A special rucksack for monocycle, made of high-quality materials, will allow you carry it easily and protect it from the pollution in case of long-term storage;
• Covers and pens. The design of single-wheel gyroscooters includes handles for transportation, if they are damaged, replacement will be necessary. The new handle to the electric unicycle should be made of a quality hydrophobic material, resistant to contamination. The cover provides protection from dirt and rain during transportation, and does not cover the handle of the electric unicycle ;
• Protective equipment for a raider. The elbow pads, helmet and knee pads will be useful for both beginner single-wheeled gyroscopic pilots, and for more experienced owners. Shields will protect you in the event of a collision or fall;
• Rearview mirror on the wrist. With it, you can much better navigate in space and see if there is someone behind you. At night you will be helped by a special torch on an electric unicycle ;
Wheels for learning to ride an electric unicycle . Learning to ride a single-wheel gyroscope is simple enough, it's enough to use wheels on the electric  unicycle - they are installed under the platforms on which the pilot stands, and do not allow you to lose balance;
• Safety belt for monocycle. Extremely useful product, providing a safer ride. It is fastened to the upper handle of the device and helps to maintain balance. Strap is made of strong belting fabric, capable of withstanding increased load.
Among the available accessories for purchasing is a stand for the electric unicycle - install it in the hall, and you will have a convenient place to store a single-wheel gyroscope  in your house.

The silicone pads will help to protect the hoverboard from possible impacts when driving. They will not allow the appearance of scratches and chips, increasing the protection of the device from mechanical damage. Using overlays of various colors, you can significantly change the look of your personal electric transport.

All the necessary accessories you will find in the range of modern online stores.