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Electric locomotives


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Buy uni-wheel - mini-transport for the big city

Time is your most valuable resource and all kinds of electronic gadgets can save it. One of the newest, but already so popular, electric vehicles is electric unicycle . This stylish, compact, easy-to-drive and sufficiently high-speed (up to 45 km / h) means of transportation - what you need for a large city with frequent traffic jams.

The gadget features high security, good degree of patency on uneven surfaces and environmental friendliness. You can buy the uni -wheel in Kiev even for a child who can easily master elementary management. The device is selected depending on the weight of the "driver", the desired speed of movement, battery capacity and, of course, design. It should be noted that the exterior design of the uni-wheel is diverse and always stylish. They look like the transport of the future, ergonomic, laconic and compact.

Still the same: a vehicle or a fashionable gadget?

A uni-wheel can be bought in Kiev for faster moving around the city, if you do not like public transport, and for walking in the park "with a breeze." The gadget is useful to those who are often late for work, because on the autopilot in the morning you can not walk quickly.

But in addition to its useful qualities, uni-wheel  is just a cool device, which has already become a symbol of advanced and active youth. Surely, you also look after a man who masterfully manages this stylish mini-transport with a masterly and unperturbed expression. The "driver" looks enthusiastic and happy .That’s because a walk on the uni-wheel is a new and exciting experience - another option of unloading after a day's work.

«One Wheel» - buy, master driving and get high-quality service

We love electric uni-wheels,understand them and disassemble them! This means that we can buy a uni-wheel of high quality in Ukraine and be calm for its efficiency. On the phone, the consultant will help you to choose the best model for you and teach riding.

"One Wheel" is a store of narrow specialization. We represent only uni -wheels, accessories and spare parts to them. We are also the first  specialized service of uni-wheels in Ukraine. You can always contact us with a repair issue, and we will perform it professionally, exclusively with original details.
As for the  uni-wheel, the price depends on the technical characteristics. The higher the maximum speed of the device , the range of travel on a single charge is accordingly, the cost will be higher.

You can order a gadget by phone or through a shopping cart. The application is processed within an hour, and delivery in Ukraine by Nova Pochta is for free. Your purchase will arrive to you in 24 hours. In the case of parts to uni-wheels, delivery is carried out within a period of up to 2 weeks.

Also, contact us for service if your device is out of order. We provide a wide range of services.


How to increase the maximum speed?

Есть два способы как можно увеличить максимальную скорость:

1. Увеличить скорость с помощью пердложения DarknessBot (только для IOS)

2. Можно перепрошить материнскую плату (только с моноколесами Ninebot, кроми серии Z)

Catch the pendulum that's?

Зачастую происходит:

  • когда райдер не замечает яму и въезжает в ее;
  • когда наезжает на лежачего полицейского при скорости свыше 15 км/ч;
  • при спрыгивании с бровки.

Моноколесо теряет горизонт, колеблется вперед-назад. Происходит довольно редко. Причиной является слабый аккумулятор, ПО.

Что бы не попасть в данную ситуацию, при езде на моноколесе ноги должны быть немного согнуты в коленях.