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Electric locomotives


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What are the diameters of Electric Unicycle?

Electric Unicycle - the most versatile, convenient and versatile personal electric vehicles . But the maximum freedom of movement in the city can be obtained only if you choose the electric unicycle correctly, not only by its characteristics, but also by its diameter. It is precisely the diameter that makes the mono-wheelcontrol, the flowability and the technical parameters depend .

The diameter of all the popular electric unicyclemanufacturers varies from 5 to 22 inches. The choice of diameter depends on the required parameters:

  • Comfort of movement. Larger wheels are heavier. They will please more smooth control and high stability at high speeds.
  • Patency. If you plan to use a monowheel not only on flat prepared platforms, then choose models from 16 inches. The larger the diameter, the easier it is to overcome irregularities, rough terrain and small obstacles.
  • Weight and ease of use. Wheels of smaller diameter are lightweight and compact dimensions. Remember, you can learn how to drive well on models of any diameter, but not every model is conveniently put on public transport or raised to the 5th floor. For some, this is a key parameter.
  • Maneuverability. Wheels of small diameter allow you to make turns of a smaller radius. This is the best choice for those who plan to learn tricks. It is easier to hold it down and jump over obstacles with it.
  • Load capacity If you weigh up to 80 kg, then you can safely take the wheels 12-14 inches. Adults weighing up to 100 kg should look at the 16-inch models. Riders weighing more than 100 kg will be more comfortable on models with a large diameter - from 18 inches.

Models up to 12 inches, our experts do not advise to look for a purchase. They are difficult to balance, they are not practical and require higher management skills.

The driving characteristics of the electric unicycle depend, first of all, on your skills and fitness. As a rule, the majority of users will satisfy the “golden mean” - monowheels with a diameter from 14 to 18 inches. Almost 90% of the total market is produced in these sizes.

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