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Electric locomotives


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The place of training was moved, for more information call (096) 261-35-35

Our goal is to make learning as comfortable as possible for our clients.

Trial lesson (15 min) - 200 UAH 
Express training (2 hours) - 500 UAH
Full course (5 hours)during the week - 1200 UAH (100% result)
In the presence of a club card, 50% discount on the full course.

Sign up for training by calling: (096) 261-35-35


  1. Independent planning schedule classes.
  2. We provide a monowheel for training.
  3. Protective gear (provided).
  4. A simulator (specially designed bars) for the practice of driving forward, backward.
  5. Walkers (large) for cornering.
  6. Walkers (small) for practicing a set of speed, holding and braking.
  7. Seat belt for starting and emergency stop.
  8. Training on the territory of the showroom 100 m 2   under any weather conditions.
  9. Practice in an open area of ​​2000 m 2 .
  10. Instructors with experience in urban driving, more than 10,000 km.
  11. Refund if our course did not give a result.

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After studying with us, you can get:

  • New skills. Do not take   monowheel   on   hire, if you want to learn how to manage it - left alone with yourself, you risk damaging it, for which you will eventually have to pay. We take all the risks.
  • A lot of positive.   Training   on   monowheel   brings a lot of pleasant emotions, you will experience a sense of controlled flight above the ground. It is impossible to describe this phenomenon in words; it needs to be felt in your experience;
  • Photo. During classes you can take a lot of pictures for memory - so you can show your friends and family what you are capable of now.

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We are located at: st. Prirechnaya 21a, Kyiv.

Phone number to record training: ( 096) 261-35-35

We work from 12:00 to 19:00 Without days off.

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