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Electric locomotives


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The Electric Unicycle is an electrical device with a well-thought-out architecture. It has a complex hardware and many components, careful treatment of which is the key to long-term operation of the device. In the manufacture of structures and tires using an extremely durable material that is resistant to all types of mechanical damage and shock. But still, like any mechanism is subject to wear and requires repair or maintenance. Causes of breakage Electric Unicycle can be very different. Often the negative consequences of a violation of the rules of operation of the device.

The most common causes of Electric Unicycle breakdowns

  • exceeding the maximum allowable weight;
  • exceeding the maximum speed of the monowheel;
  • use in conditions of heavy precipitation;
  • wrong pressure in the chamber;
  • long-term storage without recharging;
  • non-compliance with the temperature;
  • mechanical damage.

One of the most important principles of the company OneWheel is building friendships with customers. And this, in turn, is possible with the help of the provision of a qualified service.

Thanks to the direct supply of parts for most models, the pricing policy of our center is available for everyone. For all types of maintenance, repairs, there is a warranty, the terms of which depend on the type and complexity of the work performed.

High-quality and professional repair of the Electric Unicycle, at an affordable price, you can get in our service center, which is located on Lev Tolstoy Street 27/35. For repair use only original and high quality parts.

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Job titles

Price in UAH.    



Camera replacement


5 hours

Hitting on sharp objects, low or high pressure in the chamber of the monowheel ; nipple / spool damage; hit of foreign objects between the tire and the camera, the life of the camera.

Tire replacement


5 hours

Worn tread, damage to the inner layer due to puncture; the appearance of a hernia; Replacing stock tires on another model.

Bearing replacement


1 day

As a result of excessive ingress of moisture, dirt, sand; wear.

Battery replacement

From 200

1 day

Wear; moisture ingress.

Battery recovery

From 1300

From 3 days

Non-compliance with the conditions of storage, operation.

Body replacement


1 day

Due to mechanical damage

Controller replacement

From 500

5 o'clock

Incorrect operation

Controller recovery

From 1200

From 1 day

Moisture ingress; overload.

Modular replacement

From 300

From 1 hour

In consequence of mechanical damage.

Recovery after moisture         

From 1000

From 1 day  

In the aftermath of a strong blow, depressurization of the body; use during heavy precipitation

Our company will perform quality repair with a mandatory guarantee.

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Also, you can order additional services:

Job titles                        

Price in UAH.


For what?

Additional waterproofing

From 1200

3 days    

Additional protection for items such as: engine, controller, battery

Maintenance (TO)

From 1200

2 days

Insulation check of the controller, motor-wheel, battery,  bearing maintenance , tightening and replacing bolts, eliminating corrosion.

Prices for repairs are listed without taking into account the required spare parts and may vary depending on the model and complexity of the work performed.

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