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Electric locomotives


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Showroom moved to 66L, Vozduhoflotsky Avenue, Sign up before arrival!

OneWheel provides a unique opportunity for Ukrainians to learn how to use modern electric transport in their everyday lives. For all fans of the monolith and not only developed and opened the first showroom in Ukraine, where you can personally get acquainted with the latest innovations in the world of monocoles. Learn to ride a mono wheel under the guidance of experienced professional instructors. Evaluate all the benefits of upgraded models and join numerous fans of electric vehicles right now!

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The main goal of the OneWheel team is to make electric transport closer and more accessible to any buyer. You will see how easy it is to reduce travel expenses in the city, save time and nerves, and at the same time to buy a new interesting hobby.

OneWheel showroom is a completely new store format for Ukraine, where you can test a monocoque on-site before buying. A unique and cozy room equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant and useful pastime. It has its own workshop, recreation area, exhibition hall and training area.

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Each visitor has a wide range of options:

  1. Become a true rider and learn how to steer clear of monocles. Monocular driving training takes place under the supervision of experienced mentors. All safety precautions have been followed - special lining is installed, reliable protective equipment is issued. All this will prevent injuries and achieve results faster.
  2. Live pick up a monocoque, and just the next day, take the purchase if the model is available. If you do not currently have the right model, you can place an order and get electric transport in a few days.
  3. Try and compare the latest gadgets in practice in 2020, including the Inmotion, KingSong, NineBot, GotWay models.
  4. Choose accessories for your monocoque model.
  5. It is possible to hand over a mono wheel for maintenance or repair. If during a trip you had a slight breakdown, you can correct the malfunction or replace the tire. A complete set of professional tools is provided.
  6. Having trouble choosing? Consult any questions with experienced managers.

Come to the new showroom at 66L Povitroflotsky Prospekt, Kyiv. Avenue! Get acquainted with novelties of electric transport, learn to ride and buy mono wheels that will become your indispensable assistants in the cit IMG 7408   IMG 7412   IMG 7425

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