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Monokoleso-Gotway-Nikola-Plus-100V-4 (1)8

Electric Unicycle GotWay (Begode) Nikola 1600 Wh (84V) V2

48990 грн
Price: 44990 грн
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  • Diameter of wheels
    Power reserve, km
    Max Speed, km/h
    Weight, kg
    Maximum load, kg
    Engine power, Wt
    Battery (Watts/hour)
    Elevation angle
    Charging time ( hours)
    Built-in flashlight
    Telescopic handle
  • Gotway (Begode) Nikola

    Meet the new 2019 Gotway (Begode) Nikola, with an engine power of 2000 watts. Universal and sport electric unicycle.

    Several months have passed since the company began mass production of the new 19 inch GotWay (Begode) Msuper X, and now again presented the fans with a real innovation, creating a new electric unicycle, 17 inches, which will delight with stability and comfort due to the new control board and new diameter. While 16-inch wheels are known for their versatility, and 18-inch wheels for permeability, many riders sometimes fluctuate between these two parameters. New GotWay (Begode) Nikola should be the golden mean when choosing! The first video of Gotway (Begode) Nikola, is a wheel capable of overcoming any obstacles, rather well designed and comfortable. It will position itself in the sports wheel niche with competing KingSong KS18L, Inmotion V10F. All these wheels weigh between 19-22 kg due to their large engines and batteries, they provide very good stability and real safety in use.


    With an engine rated power of 2000 W and a battery capacity of 650, 1300 or 1600 watts.

    As for electronics and battery, the manufacturer GotWay still uses high-quality cells for batteries, such as Panassonic and Sanyo, the latest generation motherboard, including connectors and components that support strong currents, and excellent electronic control, which is always appreciated among this type of transport . They also integrated the “pause” button (pressed the button, lifted the wheel, the engine does not rotate). Also in this model is embedded speakers for listening to music. Added a display above the power button, thanks to which you can more accurately monitor the battery status.

    As for mechanics, the GotWay (Begode) brand also integrated, at the request of users, a well-reinforced body, motor axis and thicker pedal blocks, provided the steps with a good height to avoid touching the ground during a sharp turn. Another company has integrated into the wheel handle for transportation, which can be pushed by pulling a special check.


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