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Electric Unicycle GotWay (Begode) Mten 512 Wh

Price: 26900 грн
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  • Diameter of wheels
    Power reserve, km
    Max Speed, km/h
    Weight, kg
    Maximum load, kg
    Engine power, Wt
    Battery (Watts/hour)
    Elevation angle
    Charging time ( hours)
    Built-in flashlight
    Telescopic handle
  • GotWay (Begode) Mten 512 Wh - the representative of the most compact unicycle on the market. The small dimensions combined with the miniature wheel create an ideal platform for beginners. The device will be an excellent entertainment for children and beginner riders.

    Discreet Design

    The main difference between the GotWay (Begode) Mten and its analogues, in addition to its size, is the case. Due to its shape and height of 45 cm, the appearance is a bit like an egg. The elongated design and comfortable foot cushions significantly increase ride comfort. The combination of white and black makes this model very attractive.

    Here are some things to note:

    • stylish design of carbon plastic
    • large pedals and foot pads (relative to the size of the unicycle)
    • LED headlight
    • a strip of multi-colored LEDs flashing when driving

    Impressive filling

    The small-sized case did not stop the engineers from making this monowheel one of the most powerful in its segment. The engine accelerates the model to maximum speed in seconds. The electric motor gives impressive dynamics and gives an unforgettable driving experience. The battery provides a good power reserve for long driving around the city.

    Impressive performance:

    • motor power is 800 W
    • battery capacity - 512 Wh, full battery charge in just 5 hours
    • good top speed of 35 km / h
    • 40-50 km power reserve (depends on riding style and rider weight)

    Comfortable ride in urban areas

    GotWay (Begode) Mten is great for driving around town. Due to its light weight and compact dimensions, it is easy to transport in a car and even in your hands. Unfortunately, there is no telescopic handle, but you can buy it separately.

    The model is equipped with everything necessary for the most comfortable ride. The wide tire provides a stable and soft ride, which is very important for beginner riders. Anti-slip pedals allow you to feel confident in turns, and soft pillows guarantee ease of use.

    What is hidden from view?

    If we talk about the internal filling, GotWay (Begode) Mten can not boast a long list. And this is not surprising, since the manufacturer focused on dynamics, stability and security. But even this baby has something to brag about:

    • telescopic handle (as an optional accessory)
    • the presence of a USB port located on the front panel next to the power button and a charging connector
    • convenient control through the application - there are several useful functions, including speed limitation while riding (useful when using children with a unicycle)

    In conclusion, we can safely say that the GotWay (Begode) Mten 512 Wh is relevant for purchase to a novice rider and will be a great gift for a child. It is very compact, lightweight and safe (which only comes with massive pedals from a 14-inch mono-wheel). One of the features of this model is the dynamics, the baby is able to surprise even an experienced user from the very start.

    If you want to ride around the city with comfort or teach your children how to control the unicycle, then this model is an actual purchase for these purposes. In addition, it stands out at a very attractive price. Do not stop thinking, buy a GotWay Mten and get the opportunity to enjoy exciting trips daily.

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