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Electric locomotives


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The company OneWheel is the first hypermarket electric unicycle in Ukraine.

The company was founded in 2016.


- The largest assortment of monocoles

- The widest range of spare parts

- The most diverse selection of accessories

- Own service

- We work directly with suppliers

- Three years experience in this field

- show-room for a test drive and demonstrate

- Specially equipped platform for training

- Experienced instructors

We are convinced that the monocolos are the transport of the future and want to give everyone the opportunity to touch the world of technical progress. Therefore, we strive to fill our store with the latest innovations.

To solve technical and software problems in 2017, we opened our own service.

Like any mechanism, the electric unicycle in time requires the replacement of internal or external elements, which we try to keep in stock.

A large number of accessories are available for this vehicle, such as covers, chargers, protective equipment for the rider, telescopic handles, etc., which are available on our website.

To provide our customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices on the territory of Ukraine, OneWheel works with the official representatives of the manufacturers' campaigns.

The OneWheel team employs only professionals, which allows us to advise our clients on any issues related to monocolor .

In 2018, the first in Ukraine showroom was opened , in which you have the opportunity to look at new items, as well as make a test drive before you buy.

The showroom is equipped with a special platform with simulators for training and demonstration, and professional instructors will help you with this.

Our partners: Citrus , ERC, KingSong , Alfa Bank.

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